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Registration Jan 8.2019 @ Frankies from 7pm to 10pm

Published by Adrian Morales
Dec 23, 2018
Registration Jan 8, 2019 @ Frankies inside Oasis Bowling 1660 Zaragosa at 7pm to 10pm
ID's and validations will be made that day. Must have valid state ID or School ID to get SWFFL ID
Teams in good standing can pay half at registration to hold there spot.
I will have each teams roster from last season at registration, each captain  will have to review and make changes that day.
New teams will have to turn in rosters at registration and also have to pay $50 deposit for possible forfeit. If you change your name you are a new team.

New information for C and D div teams. Each team will be required to pay a deposit of $50 for a forfeit fee which at the end of regular season each team will get the $50 deposit back if they have no forfeits during the regular season. Reason for this is that I had over 28 forfeits combined and only recovered about 6 of them. Teams that make playoffs will have there first 2 games paid you will not lose any of the deposit if you don't forfeit.

A Division $250
B Division $250
C Division $250 plus $50 deposit for Forfeit Fee
D Division $250 plus $50 deposit for Forfeit Fee
Women's $250
Coed $250
Remember all fees are only for the first 12 players any team with more then 12 players pays $25 per player after 12.