Hello everyone,
I have continued to receive questions asking when the league will resume and if we are going to have games any time soon. This is to inform you all that once I have been given clearance by the city and all health-related agencies to continue the season there will be a message sent out/posted as to how the league will go on for the season. As of this time, the city has notified me that league permits will be extended in order to complete all games for the season, and it will just resume from the point in which we left off. It is recommended that all "team captains" have our app with notifications so that posted messages are being received. If you don't already have it and need assistance please text me at (915)253-9853 so that I can assist you. Have a good night!


Board of Directors

Basic Rules :
New Rule: When a team has enough players(6)to start the game, in order for that game not to be called  a forfeit  the team must play the first half of the game not just one play and walk out. I work with all of you on scheduling so I don't think it fair for a team not to play a game when your players don't show up. I know each situation will be different  so refs will call me Adrian to make final decision.  If any of you feel that I should do this different please give me a call I am always open for suggestions. 915-253-9853
1. All teams must be in the same similar color jersey or shirt by Feb 17.2019
2. Only mushroom style flags can be used in A Division all other divisions must use sonic style flags
3. If a team forfeits they are responsible to pay refs fees which is 25$ each ref totally 50$
4. If a player is caught playing with two teams other then coed that player will not be allowed to play with any other team that season.
5. Ref fees must be paid at the beginning of each game during ID check which is also at the beginning of each game. 
6. Only show refs ID's of players that are there and ready to play the game.
7. Flag must not match players short color.
8. No Pockets, including back pockets.
9. No protective gear of any kind ex.( football girdle) or anything that adds padding to waist area of body.
Coed Rule


By the (2nd) offensive play in the sequence of downs in the Co-Ed League a female “”Must”” be involved in the play. If a female players is not involed in the first two plays she must be the Qb for the 3rd play and attempt a forward pass or run. She is involved in the play by being the QB, Quasi, having the ball laterally pitched to her, having a pass thrown to her (referee’s judgement), or run/running with the ball.  On every first down, the sequence of the 2nd play rule, female must be involved in the play, resets/start over.  In regards to this rule a female is not involved in the play if she centers the ball, only goes out for a pass and the ball is not thrown to her, in the Quasi position and the ball is not passed to her, in the QB position and the ball is snapped to another male player, or on defense and intercepts the ball. If on defense and intercepts the ball, male or female, and in the process of returning the ball, pitches, fumbles, or lose the ball in the air and the ball is caught by an original offensive female player this “”Will  No  Penalty will be 10 yards and change of possession.  


All Players Must Sign Player Liability Form Must Have State ID Or School ID
Form will be good for one year from date signed.